PLEXIS delivers superior customer service for payers

In today’s world of data-on-demand, healthcare payers are increasingly learning that consumer expectations must drive payer operations. When it comes to delivering responsive, transparent customer service, the most successful payer organizations are taking the progressive step toward providing, monitoring, and ensuring that consumer engagement takes place consistently over the course of the customer journey.

As PLEXIS Healthcare Systems has worked with payers over the past 20 years, we have honed our understanding of all payer markets, including Third Party Administrators, Health Plans, and International insurance organizations. The trends we have monitored since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act include the movement toward process efficiencies in payer-provider collaborations and the necessity of responsive customer service.

PLEXIS ensures consistent customer engagement through:

  • Member and provider portals that empower payers with real-time, accurate information. Members enjoy the superior customer service of PLEXIS’ self-service healthcare portal where they securely access claim, billing, payment status, and many other fields from the computer, tablet, smartphone.
  • Workflow automation that enables real-time business activity monitoring (BAM) for streamlined payer-provider collaboration.

Grow and maintain your member retention rate with automated customer service solutions provided by PLEXIS.

When payers leverage PLEXIS’ suite of customer relationship management tools, workflows are automated for the seamless integration of claims, member, and provider data. By increasing value for customers, payers increase member retention and proactively control outreach and account management.