FlexTech – Over 25 Years of Excellence!

Are we different?  YES!

Over the past 25 years, FlexTech has led or participated in more than 250 transaction system implementation projects.  Over half of these implementations involved 100,000+ member plans.  We have 105 healthcare consultants on staff, and over 200 satisfied clients.  Our consultants average over 20 years of healthcare experience.

When FlexTech was founded in 1989, we quickly realized that the emerging field of healthcare consulting required experienced and highly trained consultants.  FlexTech took a bold and unique approach to implementation consulting, hiring only individuals from the healthcare industry who possessed managed care experience.  We then built partner relationships with the leading healthcare payer technology vendors, who provided us with in-depth training for our staff.  This vendor training typically lasted several weeks and concluded with certification testing. This two-pronged approach has given FlexTech a distinct advantage in becoming a leader in the managed care consulting industry.