JMS and Associates is an information management company that provides resource augmentation services to the healthcare community.

JMS specializes in: Streamlining claims adjudication and auditing, call center management, mailroom and scanning services, data conversion to EDI and system configuration, plan building and testing, and 1099 validation, to name a few of the many Co-Sourcing services we offer.

With JMS you can…

Handle Fluctuating Processing Needs
Regardless of project size, JMS responds quickly and effectively to any requirement and efficiently performs task assignments to handle the peaks and valleys of all aspects of your claim administration process.

Ensure Data Integrity and Security
We know how important accuracy is to our clients and have developed strict quality control measures that exceed industry standards. Our commitment is to improve the reliability of your data and provide you with the confidence your claim and related information is accurate and updated in a timely manner. JMS continuously provides the latest in information security technologies that comply with all HIPAA information protection regulations and SOC Audit requirements.

Receive the Support You Need
At JMS, we listen to our client’s challenges and objectives, and are committed to customer satisfaction every day. JMS customer support is not just a service, it’s our philosophy.

Supportive, Reliable and Driven by You