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CEO, Founder

PLEXIS Steps Up to Support NativeVision

PLEXIS Pledges Support for NativeVision through its Employee Steps Challenge

As 2016 marks PLEXIS’ 20th anniversary serving healthcare payers with trusted core administration and claims management solutions, we are proud to support the 20th annual NativeVision Sports and Life Skills camp. PLEXIS is excited to announce that this year its popular, annual employee steps challenge will benefit both Plexicans and NativeVision.

Who is NativeVision

NativeVision is a partnership operated by Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health and the National Football League Players Association, mobilizing NFL players and other professional athletes as mentors for Native youth. The guiding principle for NativeVision is to cultivate the core strengths, values, and positive relationships for American Indian youth that will make them resilient to the prevailing risks and help them transition to healthy, productive, and fulfilling adulthood.

Plexicans Stepping for NativeVision

This year’s PLEXIS Steps Challenge enables Plexicans to improve their fitness while giving back to the Native American community:

  • PLEXIS will donate $100 for every million steps its employees take, up to $5,000.00
  • PLEXIS’ partner, VisibilEDI, will donate an additional $100 for every million steps, up to $500.00
  • For the grand prize, a Plexican will win an all-expense-paid trip to this year’s NativeVision camp in Okmulgee, OK

“The PLEXIS Steps Challenge has proven to be a major motivation for employee wellness,” said Aly Hollewijn, Director of Administration. “With our goal of 8,000 steps per day, virtually anyone in our company can step up to the challenge of improving their fitness and wellbeing while simultaneously supporting a great cause.”

For the second year in a row PLEXIS is teaming up with to track daily steps in order to offer major fitness incentives to Plexicans. Participating employees wear fitness devices (Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, etc.) to log steps while walking, jogging, or running. As employees track more steps over the duration of the 81-day competition, they increase their chances at winning the grand prize of attending the 2016 NativeVision camp. The PLEXIS Steps Challenge kicks off on January 11, 2016.

The PLEXIS Tradition of Giving Back to the Native American Community

Jorge Yant, founder and CEO of PLEXIS, has supported NativeVision for a number of years by taking family members and PLEXIS employees to volunteer at NativeVision youth sports camps. In 2012 in Tuba City, AZ, Plexicans served over 100 Native American youth by lending their expertise on the soccer fields.

“Giving back to the Native American community is very important for us in our work here at PLEXIS,” said Yant. “PLEXIS has a rich tradition of expressing our gratitude through compassionate philanthropy. We greatly appreciate the wisdom and leadership of the Native American community as they have utilized our platform solution for tribal healthcare for nearly our entire 20 years as an organization.”

More on NativeVision

Since its inception in 1996, NativeVision has served more than 40,000 Native youth and tribal community members. Tribes from across the country attend each year’s NativeVision camp for numerous workshops and traditional feasts, games, dance, and singing. Professional and collegiate athletes volunteer to mentor Native youth through the vehicle of sports to promote healthy lifestyles, fitness, and education. Other workshops emphasize empowerment through positive mentorship in parenting, nutrition, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The 2016 NativeVision camp will be held on June 9-11, 2016, in Okmulgee, OK, the capitol city of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.


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