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Extend your business to the stakeholders that matter

Our portal apps empower payers, providers, employers, and members to communicate more efficiently in today’s data-on-demand world.

PLEXIS portal apps give members and providers the control, collaboration, and tools to be involved in the business of their healthcare. The result is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, built to lower your costs and adjudicate your claims faster and more efficiently.

Our web portal apps can be seamlessly integrated into our core administrative systems, giving you the tools to involve the stakeholders within your business ecosystem.


PLEXIS WEBworks is a dynamic, multi-solution portal that allows members, providers, health plans, vendors and TPAs to connect, communicate and share data.

WEBworks™ enables:

  • Mobile Capabilities: Members can securely access their eligibility, provider information, claims history, ID cards, and other configurable data fields – all from their computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Telehealth capabilities to promote wellness and education
  • Automated online enrollment: Payers improve efficiency and reduce costs by providing consumers with a self-service healthcare platform
  • Advanced reporting and role-based security functions

PLEXIS Direct™

PLEXIS Direct is a browser based connectivity app that offers providers online claims submission and real-time adjudication and response – in less time than it takes to run a credit card transaction.

Direct™ enables:

  • Fast, accurate claims adjudication
  • Healthcare providers the convenience of using the Direct™ app on their computer or mobile device
  • Administrators to have the access to real-time input about the frequency of events, enabling effective risk management
  • Integration with the PLEXIS core admin systems to provide immediate results for patient eligibility, claim submission, claim adjudication, and claim status