PLEXIS Business Analytics


Business Intelligence + Business Analytics delivers actionable insights

Comprehensive, real-time results

Effective cost of care begins with effective analytics. Payers must be informed by a centralized technology platform that delivers real-time results and comprehensive business intelligence. Through strategic partnerships, PLEXIS enables powerful BI/BA through full compatibility with our core database.

Concise, accurate analytics

PLEXIS built not only an industry-leading core administration and claims management platform, but we also help implement solutions based on the needs of payers who require concise, accurate analytics. When payers leverage our partnering BI/BA solution, they gather actionable insights by aggregating membership, eligibility, claims, and encounter data from the PLEXIS platform, real-time portals, and EDI sources. The BI/BA solution gathers this information from hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and cost containment companies and delivers the output through flexible alerts and customized reports.

Learn how PLEXIS’ BI/BA capabilities empower national health programs in the Caribbean to harvest actionable data and improve the health of their citizens.