Secure, Compliant, and Scalable Cloud Hosting with Seamless and Customizable Connectivity

Empower your business with the most advanced HIPAA model used by “Fortune 100” clients worldwide. The PLEXIS Cloud add-on offers incredible scalability and savings from capital hardware expenditures while boosting productivity, efficiency, and ensuring compliance with the strictest security standards in the healthcare industry. Easily migrate your existing platform to PLEXIS Cloud for seamless and customizable connectivity within a true cloud solution that averages 99% uptime. Leverage powerful DoD and FISMA security solutions to meet and exceed your business goals with the confidence offered by the PLEXIS Cloud integrated solution.

Inside the PLEXIS Cloud


  • Hosting
    We take the stress out of system and database management by providing a dedicated environment for your platform solution through our partner solutions. PLEXIS platform architecture enables clients to achieve peak – 99% uptime – database performance through the simplicity of optimized off-site hosting services. Our hosted solution offers increased significant scalability, reliability, and more responsive support while relieving the burden from your in-house IT team.
  • Compliance Management
    PLEXIS ensures full HIPAA compliance to protect all electronic protected health information (ePHI). The PLEXIS Cloud ensures HIPAA-compliant hosting with three rigorous safeguards: physical, technical, and administrative security standards. Our healthcare hosting solution holds the rigorous SAS 70 Type II certification as well as full SSAE 16 compliance with FISMA and DoD, embedded security solutions also available. We ensure your sensitive patient and client data is kept safe.
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    PLEXIS’ private cloud infrastructure facilitates reliability and cost-effective scalability. PLEXIS tailors its cloud-based services to meet your business needs for cost containment, compliance, and other operational needs.
  • Disaster Recovery
    PLEXIS hosts your core administrative solution on a “cold site” accessible by your personnel in the event your primary production environment is unavailable. Disaster recovery ensures uninterrupted service and compliance for your contracts and HIPAA.
  • Scalability
    PLEXIS’ expertise in platform interoperability and scalability empowers payers to quickly capture emerging sectors of the market. Our platform and services create greater user value, reduced price per unit, and a higher synergy value from multi-system integrations.


  • Managed IT Services
    PLEXIS offers a spectrum of managed IT services to provide greater technological agility at lower costs. Our expert client service team offers customized solutions to drive higher levels of automation, accuracy, or security, capitalizing on new market segments, or driving bottom line results.
  • Dedicated Support
    Rely on the experts to resolve technical issues and maximize your productivity. Experienced PLEXIS technical support specialists quickly identify and resolve issues through a time-tested troubleshooting process.
  • Application Integration
    PLEXIS enables you to quickly bring on new lines of business with the open integration capabilities of PLEXIS Passport connectivity services. We can support integrated custom applications, automated workflows, and real-time integrations to accomplish your mission-critical needs.
  • Process Management
    PLEXIS integrates multiple toolsets to harness the full power of your data across multiple systems for visibility and actionable, data-driven insights. With this comprehensivee view, you are better positioned to manage critical processes to optimize networks, operations, and process management.
  • Operational Optimization
    PLEXIS’ deep experience in healthcare systems and operational excellence allows us to leverage advanced business analytics to enable significant improvements in your operations. We monitor performance, uncover latency to enhance productivity, and increase the quality of your services.
  • Endpoint Management
    PLEXIS provides visibility and network security across applications, devices, and network services to ensure your software is secure and up to date.

Praise for PLEXIS Cloud

“We could not have chosen a better technology partner for our Business Process Outsourcing services. PLEXIS Healthcare Systems brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and commitment into all their engagements. We look forward to enriching the Nigerian healthcare marketplace as a result of this relationship.” — Doyin Famodu, CEO of Intuitive Global Healthcare Systems