Your proven, world-class technology stack

Built on world-class architecture, PLEXIS technology is flexible, connected, and scalable, delivering automated functionality and streamlined efficiency throughout your business ecosystem.


The architectural intelligence of PLEXIS’ core engine includes:

  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Integrated enterprise service bus (ESB)
  • .NET platform
  • SQL servers
  • Windows environment
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)

Building connectivity and integration with service-oriented architecture

The fundamental design principles of SOA and Passport facilitate limitless platform connectivity. Payers can implement independent apps without requiring an IT technician to access the PLEXIS platform. Loosely coupled services and functionalities communicate via the SOAP protocol. SOA facilitates the alignment of technology and business in terms of language and value.

Scalable, cutting-edge ESB performance

The enterprise service bus (ESB) integrated within PLEXIS’ core architecture delivers scalable, enhanced transaction processing. Utilizing the Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) messaging protocol, the ESB creates immense scalability by distributing multiple transaction processing messages in order to process greater volumes of transactions in the same amount of time or less. This solution enables multiple scaling options for reliable performance.

Passport connectivity services: empowering seamless integration

  • Real-time or batch application integration
  • WCF SOAP web services
  • Flexible access to the core database
  • Supports integration with portals, workflow tools, custom apps, and external products
  • Flexible, agile, efficient
  • The batch integration facilitates EDI for inbound and outbound files (X12, flat files, etc.)
  • Configurable rules include flexible file mapping (“any to any”)
  • Automates manual workflows
  • Learn more about Passport here

Manageable multi-level security

PLEXIS security features include advanced encryption and configurable access across multiple roles. Designated personnel custom tailor a detailed security configuration, tightly controlling access to data at the Form level, Field level, Group data level, or the Individual member level. Interacting with Windows Active Directory, administrators can assign roles with permissions to edit data, view data as read only, etc.

PLEXIS does it better

  • PLEXIS Apps: PLEXIS business apps are readily configured to serve a variety of crucial business functions. Tied into the power of PLEXIS’ core administration and claims management engines, our business apps give your organization the tools needed to grow and operate your business efficiently. Learn more about the streamlined business apps the PLEXIS Payer Platform offers or how to BYOA (Bring Your Own Apps) and control your business ecosystem destiny.
  • The Full Package: Unlike some of our competitors, we go the extra mile to empower payers to “own” their platform, putting the power into the hands of our clients. For example, we provide a data dictionary, we provide a SchemaDiff for updates, and all of our tables and the table data are available for reporting purposes.