Automated, and Customizable: PLEXIS EDI Apps

PLEXIS’ Ignite EDI has the capability to manage end-to-end processingis simplify, empower, and visualize the management of your full EDI transaction lifecycles. PLEXIS expanded its electronic data interchange (EDI) services with Ignite EDI, which reduces data entry needs and maximizes strategic, scalable, sustainable communication with trading partners.

PLEXIS’ EDI apps create several unique solutions for healthcare payers

  • Automate inbound and outbound processing of X12 5010 and proprietary formats, including claims (837s), enrollments (834s), remittance (835s), finalized authorizations (278, proprietary), and more.
  • Leverage isolated configuration layers (transform and business rules) to meet your specialized business needs for full-spectrum, end-to-end processing.
  • Increase automation for claim lifecycle from receipt of claim through payment and encounter reporting.
  • Manage many-to-many trading partner agreements through our Trading Partner Manager client. Supports generation of TA1 and 999 responses for X12 5010 document types. Apply reusable processing rules to multiple trading partner agreements, or specialize processing for specific trading partners.
  • Configured for your business needs. The transform layer allows common processing tools to be applied to X12 5010 and proprietary formats. The configuration layer supports specialized processing of your inbound and outbound transactions targeting claims system configuration.
  • Customize your EDI processing to automate workflows beyond standard EDI processing. Our modular application supports development of customized enhancements to meet your specialized needs, including mapping, scrubbing, translating, and validating your data
  • Meet compliance requirements for HIPAA, utilizing code sets such as NPI, ANSI, Standard Health Care Codes, CPT/HCPCS, ICD-10, etc.
  • Reap the benefits of standard processing and specialized processing within a single product, limiting administrative costs through decreased manual intervention and support calls while increasing the data throughput for your business.