PLEXIS’ Automated Premium Billing Software

Eliminate manual data entry with premium billing software for medical, dental, vision, and more

In a changing healthcare industry, flexibility is the key to automating the premium billing administrative process. PLEXIS’ automated, fully-featured premium billing software includes flexible billing options for premium calculations, billing frequency, and billing benefit types.

PLEXIS empowers payers with medical premium billing, dental premium billing, and additional types of benefit administration including vision, life, and disability. PLEXIS’ core administrative platforms offer an automated premium billing and accounts receivable system with options to define billing, receivables, and more.

Flexible options improve productivity, accuracy, and billing efficiency

PLEXIS’ core platform accounts receivable functionality completes the invoicing component of premium billing. Invoicing can be for premium billing (medical, dental, or vision), or for premium billing specific to life and disability. PLEXIS’ premium billing solution supports multiple billing frequency options and multiple billing methods, with numerous weighting options to enable greater flexibility in calculating rates. Readily-configured PLEXIS business apps further empower payers with best-of-breed solutions for EDI, portals, care management, and much more.

Agile solutions for premium billing

  • High levels of automation (real-time call outs)
  • Retroactive processing for mid-period adds and mid-period terminations
  • Minimal configuration steps for adding a new member/enrollment
  • Easily view past/present billing history and open receivables
  • Ability to exclude eligible members from billing
  • Different rates may be identified for subscribers/dependents
  • Generate bills for groups or individuals
  • Coverage tier rates
  • User configurable grace period settings
  • Configurable “Billed month” rules for teachers, etc.

Learn more about PLEXIS’ solutions for dental benefit administration, core administration + claims management, and the streamlined PLEXIS solution for health plans including medical, dental, and vision.