PLEXIS’ full-service advantage

Experienced professional services to ensure our clients meet their critical business objectives

PLEXIS’ commitment to customer relationships is reflected by our prestigious 95% customer retention rate. Three basic tenets define our approach to customer relationships: collaboration, value, and integrity.

  1. Collaboration: We collectively identify the optimal combination of team members, processes, and technology to deliver extraordinary results that are unique for each client organization.
  2. Value: We view technology as an asset to developing and deploying business values. We leverage COTS solutions tailored for each client to deliver significant value through higher levels of automation, accuracy, security, enabling new market pursuits, and driving bottom line results.
  3. Integrity: A key PLEXIS core value is to always act with integrity and accountability.
  • After we implemented the PLEXIS platform, the time it takes to set up a custom benefit plan for new customers was reduced from approximately eight hours to less than 30 minutes.

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PLEXIS proudly offers the following services:

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Client Success Services

  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Testing support
  • Data conversion
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Client Support Services

  • Issue tracking and resolution
  • Hardware/architecture analysis & scalability
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Database and systems administration training
  • Report writing
  • System monitoring and process automation

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Going the extra mile with PLEXIS client services

It’s our business to improve your business

PLEXIS offers a full-scale suite of client services to streamline operations and improve value for your customers. With our established leadership in client services ranging from project management to training and testing support, we’ve gone the extra mile to deliver everything payers need, both domestically and internationally. PLEXIS’ enthusiastic client services teams enjoy a collaborative approach to problem-solving and delivering value to your organization.

PLEXIS has the proven agility to deliver speed and value to healthcare payers. In building value, we constantly evaluate needs, technology, capabilities, and outcomes in terms of monetary value (ROI) and especially organizational value through deployment, implementation, client satisfaction, and the entire client relationship. PLEXIS client services consist of:

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From “quick” 60-day implementations to longer, more complex projects, our seasoned implementation team has the experience to methodically deliver the results you need to go live.

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Project management

With the client, PLEXIS collaboratively identifies business needs and priorities. From project initiation through “go-live,” PLEXIS provides professional expertise in planning and executing each implementation project.

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Business analysis

The skilled analysis of the PLEXIS BA team conducts operational analysis and gap identification to identify prioritization for scheduling and feature implementation.

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Leveraging the built-in agility of PLEXIS’ platform solutions, PLEXIS business analysts collaborate with the client team to configure the front end business rules for benefit plan configuration, claim adjudication, and other business needs.

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PLEXIS takes a “train the trainer” approach whereby PLEXIS provides the knowledge and training to enable client staff to actively drive configuration decisions and develop the confidence to “own” the solution in the long-term.

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Testing support

We support client teams in developing unit, system, and integration testing strategies including UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to ensure the deployed solution delivers value to the client’s business.

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Data conversion

Before the final conversion or “cutover,” PLEXIS provides tools and analysis to help clients’ IT and business staff efficiently migrate historical and current data from other systems. Our Generic Flat File Import (GFFI) app delivers quick, consistent conversions.

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We Take Technical Services a Step Farther

From hosting to hardware architecture, you’re in good hands with PLEXIS

When we engage with a client for technical services, we begin the collaboration by asking what the client needs in terms of system and process requirements. At PLEXIS, we can adapt and drive success by working closely with the client’s staff to identify business needs for defining or developing supporting integrations or enhancements. Our technical services include:

PLEXIS Hardware Architecture Icon

Architecture analysis + scalability

PLEXIS’ expertise in platform interoperability and scalability empowers payers to capture quickly emerging sectors of the market. Our platform and services create greater user value, reduced price per unit, and a higher synergy value from multi-system integrations.

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Technical consulting

To achieve full integration value, the PLEXIS team may employ a range of Passport services for improved connectivity and data integration. Moving forward, the experienced PLEXIS technical support specialists quickly identify and resolve issues through a time-tested troubleshooting process.

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We take the stress out of system and database management by providing a hosted environment for your platform solution through our partner solutions. With PLEXIS’ flexible platform architecture, clients achieve peak database performance through the simplicity of optimized off-site hosting services.

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Database training

Conducting established training courses on PLEXIS’ core administrative engines and databases, PLEXIS’ technical staff helps ensure the expansion of knowledge for your platform administrators, enabling success with system integration and reporting needs.