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Core Administration + Claims Management Engines

Streamline workflows with a centralized, modern core administration & claims management platform. Process claims in a timely and accurate manner, and automate the complexities of benefit administration to capture a quick ROI and deliver superior customer service.

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Your business toolkit, reimagined.

PLEXIS’ suite of best-in-class apps have a proven record of giving payers the extended functionality necessary for modern core administrative ecosystems. From real-time benefit administration and adjudication to automatic EDI transmission and self-service customer portals, PLEXIS Business Apps have you covered.

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PLEXIS Connectivity Services

Connectivity to your ecosystem, in real-time

Passport provides essential connectivity from the core admin and claims management engines to PLEXIS business apps, your own apps, and existing in-house systems. With its flexible API layer, Passport delivers real-time integration with portals, automated workflow toolsets, and business apps. Connectivity is limitless.

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Why PLEXIS payer platforms?

Built on world-class architecture, PLEXIS payer platforms are flexible, connected, and rapidly scalable, delivering automated functionality and streamlined efficiency throughout your business ecosystem.

Our platforms are comprised of three components -- our trusted core administration and claims management engines, extended business applications (Apps), and Passport connectivity services -- all engineered to drive higher rates of auto-adjudication and ignite growth and innovation across multiple lines of business.

Under the hood of PLEXIS technology

From the ground up, PLEXIS' payer platforms are openly architected and designed to be the epicenter of your business ecosystem -- giving you complete control over your business requirements. Our world-class payer platforms embody the 5 core tenets of leading technology systems: connectivity, scalability, flexibility, security, and performance.

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A personal approach to expert services

PLEXIS is built upon a matrix of service and relationships. Our seasoned client and development teams honor our business relationships first, striving for relationships that last decades, not years. From project management to real-time web services, PLEXIS delivers speed-to-value with demonstrable return on investment.

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A World of Experience

PLEXIS has over two decades of experience crafting innovative payer solutions for customers across diverse business lines, both domestically and internationally. PLEXIS’ unmatched technology and domain expertise catalyze a seasoned knowledge-base to pioneer new pathways for payer solutions. PLEXIS offers solutions for:

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