Your Passport to a more connected business

Passport connectivity services integrate everything and anything

PLEXIS Connectivity Services LogoPassport creates enterprise interoperability, connecting disparate systems through real-time or batch integrations with PLEXIS’ platform. The Passport connectivity layer can be leveraged in a limitless variety of configurations as workflow tools, PLEXIS app integrations, client’s in-house app integrations, or custom app integrations. Passport ensures advanced security measures through configurable role access and advanced encryption. Passport is:


With a nearly unlimited range of applications, Passport delivers an immense number of possible solutions for existing and future business needs


When a client identifies repetitive tasks, Passport creates the connectivity for automated alternatives, decreasing manual workflows


Passport can be utilized for workflows, PLEXIS apps, custom apps, and existing client apps

Real-time and batch web services

Passport connectivity is sophisticated plumbing, providing application interface services with our core platforms, reporting databases, and web services. Using the SOAP protocol, Passport provides the connectivity for real-time and batch services to any application in your business ecosystem. Batch services are conducted via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or other options such as RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, etc. for scalability and custom extracts. Transactions are formatted in XML for standard EDI healthcare transactions including X12 HIPAA and proprietary formats.

Passport functionality includes: