PLEXIS recently Featured in the HCIM blog, “Tips and Tricks”

PLEXIS’ partner, HealthCare Information Management (HCIM), recently featured the PLEXIS platform in the HCIM blog, Tips and Tricks (26 Feb 2016). The post, Reprocessing Previously Paid Historical Claims can be a Piece of Cake! highlights the value of utilizing HCIM’s automation software to reprocess previously paid claims. The automated HCIM solution is fully integrated with the PLEXIS payer platform.

HCIM offers several additional claim editing resources including, Copy and Reverse. This post explains how to accurately copy and/or reverse a claim, with or without repricing the contract values found in the claim detail lines. Employing the full value of this solution enables payers to:

  • Correct payments to incorrect providers or members
  • Split claims with a DOS that spans a benefit or contract renewal date, or to divide financial responsibility

Learn more about PLEXIS’ fully-integrated claim editing solutions


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