Keith Vargo

Chief Growth Officer

PLEXIS’ Member Portal App Delivers Real-Time Access

Next generation mobile app reduces costs and enhances engagement

PLEXIS engages in a strategic partnership with Healthx to deliver real-time 24×7 mobile device access for healthcare payers’ members. Payers implement PLEXIS’ member portal app to enhance customer satisfaction and implement cost containment through member self-service, member retention, and improved quality of care.

Healthx is the healthcare industry’s leading digital engagement portal technology vendor. Healthx has nearly 20 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to enhance engagement and payer-provider collaboration. Numerous NCQA-certified clients utilize this cloud-based portal technology as part of their URAC-accreditation. Portal technology provides the self-service member tools that reduce costs while improving care coordination and member satisfaction.

Together, PLEXIS and Healthx have 40 years of combined experience serving healthcare payers across the U.S. including Medicare, Medicaid, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), commercial and government health plans, and commercial carriers. The PLEXIS payer platform seamlessly integrates cloud-based portal technology via Passport connectivity services.

Apply your Digital Marketing across the Mobile App

Modern consumers expect a new level of self-service that includes real-time access via a mobile app. Mobile devices now dominate the amount of time Americans spend online. A recent study shows mobile devices are used for 71% of the total minutes spent online as compared to desktop devices. A cloud-based solution such as PLEXIS’ portal app includes numerous benefits for payers, providers, and members.

One often-overlooked benefit is the easy integration of digital marketing within the mobile application. Healthx includes customizable templates to simplify digital branding for a variety of different healthcare organizations. Clients have expanded their delivery of digital marketing solutions through the portal’s built-in reporting and analytics. A common client customization applies marketing automation to deliver appropriate offers to members based on specified actions.

Member benefits include:

  • ID card access
  • Provider directories
  • Multi-language options
  • Claim verification, eligibility status, and authorizations
  • Explanations of benefits (EOBs)
  • Primary care provider changes
  • Financial services including online payments
  • Flexible spending account (FSA) balance
  • Electronic health record (EHR) integrations
  • Integrations of clinical care plans
  • HIPAA-compliance

About Healthx

Healthx puts nearly 20 years of industry experience and best practices to work to serve the needs of more than 185 healthcare payers representing 24 million members and 700,000 providers. Healthx develops and implements secure, cloud-based, member-centric digital portals that connect payers with members and providers. Healthx partners with commercial health plans, third-party administrators, employers and brokers to build comprehensive, configurable solutions that improve clinical, operational, and financial performance. The Healthx platform integrates with over 150 third party applications, customized into a seamless, unified user experience across the consumer engagement ecosystem. Healthx customers close gaps in care, achieve regulatory compliance, improve quality ratings, and reduce costs. Read this recent press release to learn more about PLEXIS’ strategic partnership with Healthx.


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