Core Administrative Technology v2.0: A platform approach to moving beyond the back office

Core Administration v2.0 Webinar Recording | PLEXIS Healthcare SystemsFill out the form to download our complementary 60-minute webinar recording, where our team of experts discuss core administrative technology v2.0, a platform approach to moving beyond the back office.

Core administrative technology 2.0 goes beyond the traditional back office application with a shift to a platform approach that includes rich digital experiences, data liquidity, real-time integrations, and much more. The new 2.0 architecture is scalable and flexible — empowering organizations to seamlessly integrate administrative, financial, and clinical operations.

In this webinar we will discuss how it will be necessary for the healthcare industry to expand beyond automation and accuracy and focus on personalizing user experiences for unique data interaction. The 2.0 platform allows IT departments to communicate with multiple software applications in real time; leverage actionable analytics at the supervisory and executive levels; configure user interfaces and workflows to support the daily needs of internal staff; and provide real-time access to portals. Understanding and supporting these optimized experiences requires a platform with modern architecture to connect, collaborate, and grow across your entire ecosystem.

Key takeaways include:

  1. Current healthcare core administration trends and drivers
  2. What optimized experiences look like
  3. Why a flexible and scalable platform is paramount for core administration 2.0
  4. How to decide if you should build or buy