PLEXIS Announces the Launch of Passport Connectivity Services to Integrate Business Applications with the PLEXIS Platform

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems announces the launch of Passport Connectivity Services, a suite of application interface services that enables healthcare payers to seamlessly connect data between its core administration systems and ancillary applications in real-time and batch.

“As modern business ecosystems grow in scale and diversity, CIOs are increasingly faced with the challenge of solving interface connectivity issues,” said Pete Escobar, Vice President of Product Development. “The strategic agility of PLEXIS’ Passport empowers payers to automate workflows and orchestrate diverse system architecture, breaking down data silos.”

Representing one of PLEXIS’ most powerful integrations of a product and service, Passport employs a flexible API layer to provide real-time or batch integration with PLEXIS’ platforms. Passport ensures advanced security measures through configurable role access and advanced encryption.

Additionally, Passport enables PLEXIS to provide a “Bring Your Own App” (BYOA) capability to empower payers to control the interoperability of their business ecosystem by integrating in-house apps or custom designed apps to interact with the PLEXIS core platform. With the BYOA approach of Passport, organizations can build extensive business applications without being deterred by connectivity problems with the core administration platform.

“Passport gives organizations the ability to have total control over their business ecosystem,” said Sean Garrett, Chief Operating Officer. “PLEXIS has a long history of aligning our products according to the feedback and needs of customers and their markets, and Passport is a powerful asset for empowering payer organizations.”