PLEXIS Empowers Reliance Community Care Partners to Centralize and Connect their Business IT Ecosystems

ASHLAND, OREGON – MAR 20, 2015 – PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, a leading provider of world-class payer solutions for healthcare payers, announced that Reliance Community Care Partners, formerly HHS, Health Options, recently adopted PLEXIS’ payer platform after a rapid implementation of approximately three months.

“We were very impressed with PLEXIS and the speed and ease of the implementation process,” said Steve Velzen-Haner, Executive Director of Reliance Community Care Partners. “We are very excited about the prospect of greater administrative and operational efficiency.”

As a MI Choice Medicaid waiver agent, Reliance Community Care Partners offers a wealth of support services across the Health and Human Services spectrum to connect participants to the long-term care, mental health services, and/or disease management services they need. In late 2013, Reliance Community Care Partners began assembling a proposal for a software vendor that could provide a unified solution for their multi-faceted business model. Reliance Community Care Partners was using disparate legacy systems for case management, PACE claims adjudication, and other operations, and they needed a centralized solution to unify their technological business model.

PLEXIS was selected amongst fifteen technology vendors based on their integrated core administration and claims management platform. PLEXIS platform solutions offer the potential for future expansion instead of the “limited claims processing” module offered by competing vendors.

“One of PLEXIS’ greatest strengths is our centralized platform for core administration, claims management, and managed care solutions,” said PLEXIS COO Sean Garrett. “We have almost two decades of experience deploying trusted solutions for domestic and international healthcare payers such as Reliance Community Care Partners.”

About PLEXIS Healthcare Systems
PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is a leading payer technology company that delivers trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems around the globe. PLEXIS empowers the business of healthcare, igniting growth, innovation, and efficiencies across diverse business lines for payer organizations.

Based in Ashland, Oregon, PLEXIS currently serves organizations in 37 states, 15 countries, and over 60 million people worldwide. PLEXIS provides mission-critical solutions that catalyze efficiencies and connect evolving business ecosystems to a wide range of payer organizations and delivery systems.

About Reliance Community Care Partners
Since 1979, Reliance Community Care Partners has served as a key resource for elderly, disabled, and behavioral health clients with long-term care needs. Through a diverse range of services, Reliance Community Care Partners is committed to maximizing the independence of long-term care participants and their support networks. From working with the PACE program to case/disease management, and behavioral/physical health clinics, Reliance Community Care Partners is an invaluable asset in the state of Michigan.

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