PLEXIS Healthcare Systems Demonstrates Multi-System Interoperability with Behavioral Health Solutions

ASHLAND, OREGON – PLEXIS Healthcare Systems demonstrates multi-system interoperability with behavioral health solutions, empowering Linn County Community Services (LCCS) to effectively administer behavioral health and social services for the second to largest county in Iowa.

“A key component of success with the overall project stemmed from close and cooperative collaboration among PLEXIS implementation staff, LCCS staff, and other behavioral health vendor partners,” said Matt Stenson, PLEXIS’ Director of Implementation Services.”

LCCS supports a wide range of services such as mental health, substance abuse, transportation, residential care, attorney fees, and emergency room expenses for a diverse population. The combined LCCS and PLEXIS teams incorporated the administration of traditional healthcare services along with supporting non-medical services covered by LCCS. PLEXIS also supported LCCS staff in meeting complex and specific reporting requirements from the state.

PLEXIS deployed its flagship platform alongside several ancillary systems, including a leading electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically for the Human and Social Services industry. Utilizing the interoperability of PLEXIS’ Passport connectivity services, PLEXIS successfully integrated common data elements including members/clients, service providers, claims, and authorizations. In addition, PLEXIS deployed its proven solutions for key EDI transactions and notifications, including standard HIPAA transactions for claims, eligibility, and authorizations, as well as exports of remittance advices (RA) and explanation of benefits (EOB).

Sue Novak, Financial Management Director at LCCS, expressed her appreciation for PLEXIS’ delivery of “an exceptional set of solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in serving our clients.”

From care management to customer service and business intelligence, PLEXIS has a proven track record of successfully partnering with best-in-class solution vendors across the entire spectrum of payer and delivery health care models. Strategic partnerships with leading healthcare vendors empower PLEXIS to exponentially increase the value of PLEXIS’ core administrative platform.

“PLEXIS provides over 19 years of experience delivering comprehensive payer solutions, often in conjunction with strategic partners such as the leading EHR vendor involved with this implementation” said Stenson. “We have built a solid reputation of being easy to work with while meeting deadline and budget requirements.”

About Linn County Community Services
Linn County Community Services provides financial management, administrative, and planning services for human service programs run by the county. LCCS also organizes and participates in many community human services activities and collaboratives.