PLEXIS/RadiantGraph – AI Assisted Member Engagement Focus Group, 4/24/24

AI Assisted Member Engagement Focus Group –  Transcript_2024-04-24

Sean Garrett opened the focus group meeting by describing it as designed to gather insights from PLEXIS clients across various business lines, emphasizing the importance of member engagement and organizational responsibility in improving healthcare outcomes and satisfaction.

The session intended to discuss market challenges related to member engagement, communication strategies, and emerging solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Various speakers, including Anmol Madan and Dr. G, shared their experiences and perspectives on using technology to enhance operational effectiveness and member experiences in healthcare, discussing the potential and considerations for applying AI in this context.

The session also explored the integration of AI with existing healthcare systems to personalize member interactions and improve engagement outcomes. The interactive dialogue included audience polls and feedback, aiming to align technological solutions with healthcare organizational goals and compliance requirements, particularly in Medicaid and Medicare contexts.