PLEXIS Reporting Automation Pushes Dynamic High-Volume Data – Enabling Enterprise-Wide Decision Support

Enterprise-wide business activity monitoring and response application enables automated alerts, reporting, and workflows for PLEXIS payer platforms, as well as outside data sources, to significantly increase efficiency and decision making in high-volume claims processing operations.  


[Medford, Oregon – June, 2023] PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, a leading healthcare payer technology company and a “Major Contender” within Everest Group’s  “Healthcare Cloud-based Core Administration Platforms PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023”, proudly showcases a vital component for the digital transformation of the healthcare payer industry. The integrated PLEXIS Alerts add-on to our Quantum Choice™ core administrative claims processing solution highlights the revolutionary integrated capabilities of enhanced reporting, seamless communication, and optimized workflow automation. This transformative and integrated solution offers enhanced accuracy and reduces administrative burden, enabling payers to intelligently navigate the complex landscape of healthcare administration and data dissemination.

“Hyperautomation”, a term coined and utilized by Gartner Research Group, is designated a top strategic priority for payers as a high-performance approach to significantly augment the efficiency of human processes and capabilities. However, Gartner warns that the reflex to pursue and obtain process automation tools should follow a systemic and strategic approach to avoid an outcome consisting of a convoluted ecosystem of disparate automation components.

“PLEXIS is proud to be an industry leader in our approach to componentize, not only automation tools, but a wide variety of integrated growth and agility tools that provide payers the ability to scale and adapt to disruptive regulatory and market changes,” said Jose Lopez, Senior VP Business Development. “PLEXIS Alerts brings the right information to the right people at the right time through automated, integrated, and configurable alerts, reports, and workflows. The significant speed-to-value capabilities of PLEXIS Alerts are only part of the many value accelerators available with digital transformation potential within the composable architecture of our next-generation Quantum Choice platform.”


PLEXIS Executive team members Sean Garrett, Chief Operating Officer and Matt Stenson, VP Client Success will be walking the floor of AHIP 2023 next week. If you would like to learn more about PLEXIS, our next-generation CAPS technology, or our innovative and composable solutions to automate your operations, please email with your availability and contact information and we’ll coordinate a meeting.

About PLEXIS Healthcare Systems

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is a leading payer technology company delivering trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems worldwide.  More than 100 organizations trust PLEXIS core administrative enterprise solutions to manage over 55 million lives in all 50 states and around the world. PLEXIS provides mission-critical solutions that catalyze efficiencies and connect evolving business ecosystems to a wide range of payer organizations.