PLEXIS to Speak at WEDI-Con 2016 on Reshaping the Cost Landscape of Healthcare with EDI as a Service (EDIaaS)

WEDI-Con 2016 Presentation | PLEXIS Healthcare SystemsPLEXIS Healthcare Systems will be exhibiting and speaking at WEDI-Con 2016, the annual fall conference of the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), held in Reston, VA, on November 7-9. PLEXIS’ electronic data interchange (EDI) specialists will speak about the transformative power of EDI as a Service (EDIaaS) in reshaping the cost landscape of healthcare.

WEDI is a leading authority on the use of healthcare IT to enhance the quality of care, improve efficiency, and reduce costs in healthcare information systems. This year’s WEDI-Con: A Capital Priority brings together hundreds of top leaders in healthcare information technology to engage in strategic discussions on key regulations, implementation best practices, and the future of healthcare IT in the U.S. Read the full press release here.

Reshaping the Cost Landscape of Healthcare with EDI as a Service (EDIaaS)

PLEXIS’ EDI specialist, Dean Hill, will be joined by Carla Jones from Samaritan Health Plans in their presentation on the tremendous cost-saving opportunities of EDIaaS.

“Technology is the key to reducing costs and simplifying the healthcare system,” said Hill. “We look forward to sharing our knowledge about the emergence of EDI as a Service and how to optimize electronic workflows and identify optimal conditions for outsourcing. A common myth in healthcare is that EDI is synonymous with high cost, but we are here to demonstrate how measurable ROI can be achieved by deploying EDIaaS.”

Hill leverages PLEXIS’ extensive experience implementing over 400 EDI X12 solutions for nearly 15 years. EDI is a complex system of integrated functions, services, and process flows. Each function may have different service level agreements necessitating complete visibility to external trading partners. There are also new risks and opportunities for integrating MACRA requirements into reporting processes. To determine areas for improvement or outsourcing, each organization must first analyze its EDI framework in terms of specific service areas and then execute a strategic series of processes. By following the steps outlined in this presentation, payers can expect to achieve EDI savings commensurate to those enjoyed by Samaritan Health Plans.

WEDI-Con 2016: A Capital Priority

Each year, WEDI-Con attracts hundreds of healthcare leaders for collaboration and networking with a diverse cross-section of the industry including payers, providers, government regulators, and industry vendors. This three-day event convenes an expert roster of faculty to discuss such topics as payment reform, care coordination, social security number removal initiative, MACRA, telehealth, patient identification, and more.

“The future of health IT in our country is undoubtedly at a pivotal stage as we approach the upcoming election and build upon the technology advancements available to the industry,” said Charles W. Stellar, president and CEO of WEDI. “WEDI-Con is sure to be an exciting time for our industry as stakeholders from across the healthcare spectrum come together in a united front. We relish the opportunity to join these renowned thought leaders as they share best practices and guide the industry forward.”


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