QCconnect – PLEXIS Quantum Choice User Group – 5/15/2024


Throughout 2024, PLEXIS is organizing and moderating a quarterly user group forum in which all users of the Quantum Choice (QC) core administration and claims processing platform can gather to share experiences, tips, and tricks for the benefit of other QC users around the world.

Links to all resources available for each quarterly meeting are posted below:

2nd Quarter QCconnect – PLEXIS User Group Meeting – Wednesday, May 15th

Click here to read QCconnect – Quarterly Users Group Meeting – Q2 – meeting notes

  • PLEXIS QC Connect quarterly user group meeting schedule: The meetings will be held on the middle Wednesday of every quarter, with the next ones on August 14th and November 13th. Dennis will send out reminder emails and call for agenda items. 4:54
  • Overview of quantum choice clients: Sean shared a summary of the organization types, lines of business, functions, and regions of the quantum choice clients, highlighting the diversity and flexibility of the system. 7:45
  • Impact of CAA or NSA: Sean discussed the different compliance requirements for commercial, self-funded, Medicaid, and Medicare plans, and the solutions that PLEXIS can offer or recommend for price transparency, QPA, and authorization rules. 8:44
  • Claim editing solutions: Sean asked who is using or interested in using claim editing solutions, and explained how quantum choice can integrate with external vendors or custom solutions in real time or batch mode. 41:51
  • Claim payment solutions: Sean asked who is generating payments internally or externally, and suggested that external solutions might offer more benefits and services. 51:34

Click the button to play the recording    PLEXIS QCconnect quarterly user group meetings

Key Points:

00:00:24 Quarterly User Group Meeting of PLEXIS QC Connect

00:06:37 Discussion on Updating Insurance Business Models for Meeting Representations

00:07:43 Discussion on Quantum Choice and Its Impact on Healthcare

00:11:38 Overview of Quantum Choice Clients and System Functionality

00:17:47 Discussion on the Impact of the NSA AISA and QPA on Providers and Reimbursement

00:22:32 Discussing Price Transparency in Healthcare

00:23:46 Discussing Price Transparency and Data Transfer in Healthcare

00:29:56 Discussing the Challenges and Solutions in Healthcare Interoperability

00:37:43 Discussing the Use and Benefits of Claim Editing in Healthcare

00:42:15 Discussion on Claim Payment and Claim Editing in Healthcare

00:49:04 Discussion on Claim Payment and External Solutions

We Will Send an Invitation to Register Approximately Two Weeks Before Every Meeting Followed by a “Call for Discussion Items” a Week Before Every Meeting


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