Comprehensive health insurance software

Healthcare payers and employer groups are often searching for health insurance software with the flexibility to cover their needs for claims processing, benefit administration, and other mission-critical processes. Manual processes and legacy administrative systems create higher operational costs than a modern, automated software platform.

PLEXIS’ award-winning health insurance software includes:

  • A rules-based engine to automate all workflows for claims processing, auto-adjudication, benefit administration, enrollments, eligibilities, premium billing, and more.
  • A flexible API integration offering complete interoperability to connect all your enterprise-wide systems.

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems delivers a flexible solution-set for expanding healthcare markets

PLEXIS’ comprehensive enterprise platform is the premier claims adjudication and benefit administration software solution on the market. Serving a large number and variety of healthcare payers for the past 20 years, PLEXIS simplifies and automates core administrative operations for health insurance organizations.

Learn more about our rules-based core administration + claims management solution, our suite of readily-configured business apps, and the cutting-edge services we offer as part of our full-service platform solution.