Optimization across the continuum of care

Canopy Care Management provides healthcare payers with a comprehensive care management platform that empowers payers, providers, and patients to actively participate together in timely, and effective healthcare decisions. Payers will be able to leverage Canopy for member identification, stratification, outreach, and member engagement, effectively reducing utilization costs across a wide spectrum of operations.

Customizable to support your case and care management needs

Flexible to support different and unique business models. From simple case management to complex care planning. Canopy allows users the ability to create user configurable forms to allow for a more efficient and interactive entry process.  These forms may be used for required yearly Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) or to support the use of industry or custom assessments specific to the type of Care Plan. This functionality may also be used to create and support the use of any patient surveys that you may be required.

Achieving greater operational efficiency, while improving patient outcomes

  • Integrated solution operating across existing PLEXIS platforms or as a standalone solution
  • Highly configurable design allows you to create customizable care plans and assessments
  • Conduct Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and other surveys to stratify risk
  • Provides consolidate view of member, clinical and claims data
  • Streamlined workflows for appointments, calls, tasks, follow-up reminders, and more
  • User dashboard to provide “work at a glance” views
  • Intuitive design built by users with extensive care management experience
  • Flexible report designer will put the power of data analysis directly in the payer’s hands,
  • Health plans gain a holistic approach to care by creating clinical care plans to improve cost-effective outcomes
PLEXIS Care Management App

Care Management

Automate and simplify management of care coordination

Configurable capabilities for care management

PLEXIS understands the need to capture and aggregate data in order to identify and manage medical cases and health conditions. Whether payers are involved with the expanding PCMH model or other quality of care initiatives, PLEXIS offers a care management solution. This solution can deliver data and resources to enable proactive engagement with providers, ultimately reducing costs and improving quality of care.

Coordinated care success

PLEXIS’ capability for care coordination and member care empowers payers to manage configurable authorizations and referrals, electronically exchanging data for all essential aspects of care management. After listening to payers’ needs for a full-featured care management system, PLEXIS enabled the partnering solution for coordinated care success.

PLEXIS’ partnering care management solution includes:

  • 100% web-based solution built for multiple browsers, including mobile devices
  • Built on NCQA standards and CMSA Standards of Practice
  • Highly configurable design to tailor content to clients’ needs
  • Customizable care plans, assessments, correspondence, and more
  • Streamlined workflows bring the organization together seamlessly
  • Intuitive design built by nurses
  • Flexible report designer puts the power of data analysis directly in the business owner’s hands
  • Innovative architecture that allows customizations and third-party integrations while maintaining clients on the upgrade path
  • Standard integrations with evidence-based guidelines from MCG and McKesson, patient education materials with Healthwise, and predictive modeling with Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters, plus many more coming in the near future