PLEXIS Healthcare Systems provides the best healthcare claims processing software on the market

For the past 20 years, PLEXIS has collaborated with payers in all principal healthcare markets to deploy the best healthcare claims processing software for your financial, clinical, administrative, and technological needs. From TPAs to health plans, both domestic and international healthcare payer organizations understand that an effective platform software solution must deliver:

  • Automated efficiency to reduce costs and process claims accurately
  • Next-generation healthcare business models to remain competitive in everything from evolving health exchanges to new care management initiatives
  • Proactive member + provider engagement to create 5-star customer experiences
  • Modern technological standards and award-winning health insurance software

PLEXIS’ claims processing software has the capabilities to achieve your highest business outcomes

PLEXIS is a trusted leader in the global healthcare payer community with an average client tenure of over 8 years. Our agile claims processing software delivers cost savings through automated enterprise efficiencies. Numerous client testimonials attest to the unique competitive advantage of implementing our scalable claims processing solution.

Learn more about the additional benefits of PLEXIS’ claims processing solution, including:

  • Automated claim editing solutions to increase payment integrity and accelerate adjuciation
  • Intelligent alerts and reporting for time-saving, automated business activity monitoring (BAM)
  • Cost-saving electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions