Solve Unique International Challenges and Increase Customer Satisfaction

With nearly two decades of experience implementing and supporting international customers in over fifteen countries, PLEXIS provides international insurers, in + outbound travel insurers, national health plans, multi-national insurers, and cost containment companies with the technology and services to modernize and grow in the business of healthcare.

PLEXIS empowers a diversity of international clients including:

International Insurers

International Insurers

In + Outbound Travel Insurers

Inbound and Outbound Travel Insurers

National Health Plans

Multi-national Insurers

Multi-national insurers

Multi-national Insurers

PLEXIS payer platform empowers international payers to:

  • Coordinate multiple lines of business: Including major medical, fully-insured products, travel assistance, life, disability, and other ancillary benefits. Flexible functions are included for premium billing and commission support.
  • Enhance workflows and automated processes: Reduce paper/manual processes with powerful EDI efficiencies, customer service portals, automated business activity monitoring, and more.
  • Solve unique international complexities: Automatically integrate multiple currencies & exchange rates. Utilize “native” currencies for payer and payees.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Process claims more quickly, deploy proactive notifications, improve communication, and increase the ease of doing business.
  • Grow to meet market challenges and opportunities: Electronic adjudication, claim repricing, and other solutions make it easier to scale transaction volumes and quickly bring on new clients or add new lines of business. Innovate to provide customer-centric solutions.
  • Lower costs: Greater administrative efficiencies result in lower costs per member/per claim.

World-class payer platforms for international insurers and national health plans

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