Healthcare Payers struggle to manage the moving parts of health plan administration. Health Portal Solutions helps Payers organize data, vendors, and business processes behind one login so they can efficiently manage the different pieces of healthcare in one place.

Health Portal Solutions’ (HPS) web portals integrate with all three Plexis platforms, enabling the Payer and its stakeholders to securely view their Plexis data online. The portal is privately-branded for each Payer and empowers them to:

  1. Reduce call volumes through online self-service
  2. Eliminate manual business processes
  3. Convert paper-based workflows to electronic ones
  4. Streamline invoicing processes
  5. Engage members, providers, brokers, and employers in a targeted way

In addition to sharing Plexis data online, Payers also use HPS’ solutions to import and display other important health plan data, including prescriptions, Explanations of Benefits, flexible spending claims, invoices, and wellness content. This information is centralized into the Payer’s portal, letting them offer a single gateway for each party to access information that is relevant to them.

When using the HPS portal, Payers no longer struggle under the weight of manual business processes or the confusion of accessing different portals for different information. Rather, Payers have centralized information, an organized business, and are equipped to drive efficiencies and business growth.

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