At VisibilEDI, our purpose is to empower our customers with simplified healthcare transaction tools.

VisibilEDI is committed to improving the business of healthcare administration. The complexity of healthcare demands robust tools to streamline operations, ensure accountability, and accelerate business growth – all while safeguarding sensitive data. We’ve built our systems to increase the accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness of data submissions so our clients can leverage electronic and automated processes to their benefit. We serve as our clients’ advocate by knowing their standards, mitigating their risks and empowering them to better serve their customers.

VisibilEDI’s proactive and systematic approach to quality data management translates to the most efficient HIPAA compliant EDI solution possible. Our integrated web portal systems serve our clients with real time, secure and simplified management of electronic transactions. Whether you are a Health Plan, Third Party Administrator, Managed Care Organization, or Systems Vendor, we fully understand your perspective and have built a solution to bridge the communication gaps that currently exist within the healthcare information delivery system.

At VisibilEDI we serve as the catalyst for innovative solutions to the intricate challenges faced in the healthcare industry. We bring a passion for solving problems, a dedication to delivering quality work and rigorous standards of professionalism with integrity, responsiveness, respect, accountability and candor.