Your Pathway to CMS Compliance & Enhanced Member Experience

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems and Zakipoint Health introduce a trailblazing member engagement app set to significantly elevate healthcare provider/service navigation and price transparency – delivering early access to health information like never before and empowering your members with unmatched optics into their health journeys and more influence to help facilitate the best outcomes.

Zakipoint Provides You a Highly Engaging Member Portal

  • Up to 25% more engagement: The Zakipoint platform shatters industry averages, fostering a closer connection between healthcare payers and members.
  • Rapid CMS compliance: Achieve CMS compliance within 90 days through Zakipoint’s unified member experience featuring a cost estimator tool.
  • Quick & easy integration: Seamlessly integrate with PLEXIS next-generation core administrative platforms, ensuring a swift transition to better service delivery.

Get Ahead with PLEXIS and Zakipoint Health

Don’t be at the mercy of member engagement and data transparency challenges. PLEXIS’ next-generation core administrative and claims processing solutions, combined with Zakipoint Health’s pricing and member portal technology, can help you navigate the challenging terrain of modern healthcare payer compliance and member engagement. Make the leap and witness a surge in engagement, efficiency, and satisfaction.

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Enhance your service offerings, increase member engagement, and be at the forefront of a transparent, cost-effective healthcare experience with technology provided by Zakipoint Health. Request a demo and see the difference first-hand.

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