Travel insurance for in + outbound travel insurers

The PLEXIS platform streamlines processes supporting travel insurance products, enabling greater customer satisfaction and value

The PLEXIS platform provides agile solutions for payers administering travel insurance, international major medical, or medical tourism/Travel for Treatment (T4T). To successfully compete in the growing medical tourism market, payers must utilize a centralized core administrative solution with international-level functionalities for enrollment, real-time adjudication, mobile access to healthcare information, and superior customer service.

PLEXIS provides international insurers the right tools and technology, including:

  • Administer worldwide travel insurance: PLEXIS’ centralized core administrative solution enables you to configure benefit plans for multiple products and multiple lines of business including major medical, fully-insured products, disability, life, travel assistance, trip interruption, emergency travel services, etc. Flexible functions are included for commission support, premium billing, multiple currencies, and multiple languages.
  • Streamline online enrollment: PLEXIS takes the worries out of enrollment with international-specific functionalities such as foreign address support and travel to/from dates.
  • Provide advanced portal access for clients, members, and providers: PLEXIS’ portals deliver real-time adjudication, patient eligibility, and claim status. Administrators gain access to real-time input about the frequency of events, enabling effective risk management.
  • Offer mobile access to essential information: Traveling members can use their smartphones or tablets to access their ID cards, conduct provider research, and receive health/news alerts/emergency info.
  • Provide superior customer service: With PLEXIS’ customer service, you maintain strong communication channels, ensure your staff has streamlined access to important information, and deliver consistent customer service across all touch points.
  • Enhance provider networks: PLEXIS automates support for network management for multiple reimbursement arrangements, allowing you to enhance collaboration with providers and members.
  • Reduce administrative costs: Our solution automates and simplifies adjudication, administration, and cost containment measures.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Process ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets, and enhance enterprise-wide transparency with integrated, comprehensive fraud, waste, and abuse.

A modern payer platform for medical tourism

PLEXIS often serves payers who are replacing legacy system that do not support multi-currency calculations, handle only US claims, and cannot support custom diagnosis and procedure codes. By replacing these legacy systems, payers can reduce or eliminate manual data entry for claims, greatly expediting claim processing and customer satisfaction. PLEXIS also has the expertise to create electronic import or export routines that use customized or standardized X12 EDI formats, which assist our clients in streamlining their processes, resulting in cost savings and a wide spectrum of added value for the payer’s organization.